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World News November 2, 2023

Israel continues bombing Gaza, says Hamas commander killed

The news report provides an update on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza. Despite international calls for a humanitarian ceasefire, Israel continued its bombings on Gaza. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported breaking through Hamas’ defense lines in the northern Gaza Strip. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant stated that coordinated strikes on Gaza from air, ground, and sea will continue, with actions taken to expose tunnels. An IDF fighter jet struck the head of Hamas’ anti-tank missile unit based on intelligence from the IDF and U.S. Intelligence Support Activity.


The report also highlights heavy bombardment around Al Quds Hospital in Gaza, causing panic among medical personnel and civilians. The hospital sustained damage in previous attacks. The Palestinian Health Minister stated that the Turkish hospital was out of service due to Israeli strikes and fuel shortages. Gaza medical officials warned of potential shutdowns in major health institutions due to fuel exhaustion for generators.


On a positive note, the Rafah crossing to Egypt opened, allowing foreign passport holders and injured individuals to leave Gaza. Medical supplies and humanitarian aid have entered Gaza, with more expected to follow. The Commissioner-General of UNRWA, Philippe Lazzarini, visited Gaza to meet with civilians and colleagues.


Diplomatically, Bolivia severed ties with Israel due to the Palestinian death toll. Jordan, Chile, and Colombia recalled their ambassadors. Iran’s supreme leader called for Muslim governments to unite and halt exports to Israel as a pressure tactic to cease the attacks on Gaza.

Source – CGTN

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