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World News October 12, 2023

Israel announces emergency government, paramedics killed in Gaza

Israel has intensified its airstrikes on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and political rival Benny Gantz formed an emergency government to handle the conflict, which has claimed thousands of lives, including many civilians. Israeli soldiers discovered 1,200 bodies, mostly civilians, in battle-damaged towns. Gaza’s health ministry reported over 1,100 deaths and over 5,000 injuries due to Israeli airstrikes. International figures, including Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, called for immediate action to protect civilians, especially children. Nine UN staff members and five Red Cross workers were killed in the conflict.

The US pledged more military support to Israel. Netanyahu froze a controversial judicial overhaul plan amid the crisis but retained extreme-right and ultra-Orthodox allies in government. Concerns rose over hostages held by Hamas, and Germany urged Qatar to mediate their release. Gaza faces a humanitarian crisis with a power plant shutdown and hospitals relying on generators. Over 260,000 Gaza residents were displaced, and the EU called for a humanitarian corridor. Egypt discussed providing aid but rejected establishing safe corridors for refugees. According to Intelligence Minister Gila Gamliel, Israel prepared for a possible ground invasion of Gaza and faced rocket attacks from Lebanon and Syria. Israel aims to eradicate Hamas to deter future attacks worldwide.

Source – CGTN

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