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World News December 20, 2023

Israel accused of using ‘starvation as method of warfare’ in Gaza

International pressure is mounting on Israel over the rising civilian death toll in Gaza, destruction of hospitals, and allegations of using “starvation of civilians as a method of warfare.” The United Nations Security Council was set to vote on a resolution calling for an urgent cessation of hostilities. According to the health ministry, ¬†Israel’s deadliest attack on Gaza follows Hamas’ actions on October 7, resulting in over 18,800 deaths in Gaza. Human Rights Watch accuses Israel of deliberately blocking essential supplies. Israel denies targeting civilians and claims to facilitate aid while restricting supplies to Hamas fighters. Gaza’s infrastructure is severely affected, with hospitals partly functioning, and the World Health Organization condemning the impact on healthcare facilities. The conflict has led to displacement, shortages of fuel, food, water, and medicine in Gaza. Israel faces calls for a truce and pressure to protect civilians, while the conflict’s ripple effects extend to the West Bank and neighboring regions, raising fears of wider regional involvement.

Source – CGTN



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