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World News December 8, 2023

IRC links child marriages to climate change, finds 39% surge in Bangladesh disaster-prone regions

A recent study by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) revealed a concerning 39 percent increase in child marriages in the climate-vulnerable coastal regions of Bangladesh. The rise is attributed to the impact of climate change, causing forced migration, extreme poverty, gender-based violence, and limited access to education. Climate-induced disasters like flooding and cyclones over the past two decades are directly linked to the surge in child marriages. In response, the IRC is assessing the situation and mobilizing resources to protect children from harm caused by climate change. Half of Bangladeshi girls marry before 18, and 22 percent before 15, with coastal areas facing heightened challenges. The IRC urges increased and sustainable funding for climate change and collaborative efforts among the government, donors, and NGOs to address this crisis.

Source – CGTN

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