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World News September 27, 2023

Interview with space experts: Are there ETs in the universe?

New developments have emerged in the case of alleged “alien” corpses presented to the Mexican Congress. Tests conducted by scientists in Mexico City revealed that the mummified bodies had not been manipulated and belonged to a single skeleton. However, skepticism persists within the scientific community regarding the discovery of extraterrestrial life. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson called for a shift from sensationalism to science, emphasizing the lack of evidence for high-level life forms in the solar system. While simple life forms like germs or bacteria are possible, their detection remains a challenge. Various methods, including radio and optical searches, are employed in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), with China’s FAST telescope contributing to radio SETI efforts. Astrobiology research also seeks to understand the conditions for life beyond Earth. Despite ongoing efforts, no definitive evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life has been found.

Source – CGTN

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