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Infotainment April 2, 2024

‘I don’t have much time left,’ James says after making career-high nine 3s

LeBron James, known for his exceptional longevity and skill in the NBA, recently surprised fans and opponents alike with a remarkable performance at 39 years old. During a game against the Brooklyn Nets, he scored 40 points, including nine three-pointers, showcasing his continued prowess on the court. Despite his impressive display, James hinted at retirement, acknowledging that he’s nearing the end of his career.
Throughout his career, James has been recognized not only for his scoring ability but also for his playmaking skills. Despite being the only player to surpass 40,000 career points, he has only been the scoring champion once. Nevertheless, his offensive versatility and evolution have made him a force to be reckoned with. Over the years, James has adapted his playing style, incorporating more three-point shooting and refining his shot selection.

From his early days as a dominant force with unmatched athleticism to his later years where he focused on efficiency and perimeter shooting, James has continuously evolved his game. Despite his age, he remains a vital asset to the Los Angeles Lakers and the league as a whole. As he approaches the end of his current contract, speculation looms over whether he will retire or continue playing, potentially with the Lakers or another team.

Source – CGTN

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