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Tech June 15, 2024

How AI apps help Japanese pet owners monitor their cats’ health

In Japan, as the population ages and birth rates decline, pets have become more significant in households. The Japan Pet Food Association reports that there are nearly 16 million pet cats and dogs, outnumbering children under 15. This has led to advancements in pet care technology, such as the AI-driven smartphone app, CatsMe!, developed by the UK-based startup Carelogy in collaboration with Nihon University.

CatsMe! allows pet owners to monitor their cats’ health by analyzing facial expressions from photos to detect pain, categorizing it into three levels: none, slight, or severe. Launched last year, the app has attracted over 230,000 users and boasts an accuracy of over 95%, with further improvements expected.

Professor Kazuya Edamura from Nihon University, who contributed to the app’s development, highlights that while vets can often gauge an animal’s pain, it’s challenging for owners. Statistics show that over 70% of elderly cats experience pain, but only 2% visit a vet. The app helps owners assess their cat’s condition, although it doesn’t replace professional diagnosis.

Source – CGTN

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