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World News January 13, 2024

Houthis vow retaliation, oil prices surge after U.S., UK air strikes

The United States and Britain launched air strikes on Yemen, targeting the Houthis who had been attacking international ships in the Red Sea. The strikes have raised concerns about regional conflict escalation and a surge in oil prices. The U.S. and its allies justified the action as “in accordance with the inherent right of individual and collective self-defense.” The Houthis vowed “punishment or retaliation” and continued their intention to target ships in the Red Sea. Russia and Iran condemned the strikes, citing a violation of international law and escalating regional tensions. Other countries, including China and Saudi Arabia, called for restraint to avoid further escalation. The Houthi attacks have disrupted global commerce, particularly affecting the crucial shipping route through the Red Sea, leading to increased delivery costs and fears of global inflation. The strikes marked a substantial escalation in the Red Sea crisis, with concerns about the potential for further escalation. The United Nations Security Council scheduled an urgent meeting to discuss the situation.

Source – CGTN

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