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World News July 11, 2024

French left and centrists tussle to form government

After France’s legislative election on Sunday, leaders from the left-wing bloc and centrist groups are scrambling to form a viable government. The New Popular Front (NFP) alliance, which includes hard-left France Unbowed, Communists, Socialists, and Greens, is competing with Macron’s centrists to secure enough support.

Aurore Berge from Macron’s Renaissance group argued against the NFP’s platform and suggested a potential alliance with the conservative Republicans. Both sides are trying to poach lawmakers to form a government, with the NFP claiming their election victory entitles them to govern.

The election’s outcome has left France in uncertainty, with financial markets and European partners watching closely. Options for the new government include forming a broad coalition or a minority government that would pass laws on a case-by-case basis.

Leftist leaders insist the NFP should govern, but there are internal disagreements on forming a cabinet. President Macron, whose term ends in 2027, faces challenges in driving policy after recent electoral setbacks.

Source – CGTN

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