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Infotainment December 9, 2023

Extremely rare white alligator born at Florida reptile park

An exceptionally rare white leucistic alligator has been born at Gatorland Orlando in Florida, measuring 49 centimeters in length. The female alligator, descended from a nest of leucistic alligators discovered in Louisiana in 1987, is considered beyond rare and extraordinary. It is the first solid white alligator ever recorded to have descended from the original Louisiana nest. Leucistic alligators, the rarest genetic variation in American alligators, differ from albino alligators by having blue eyes and a partial loss of pigment. The public is invited to help name the alligator, and the park plans to showcase her and her normal-colored brother to visitors in early 2023. Currently, the alligators are being closely monitored for their health and growth.

Source – CGTN

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