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World News January 17, 2024

Expert: Iceland eruption confirms a dormant faultline has reawakened

A volcanic eruption in the Icelandic fishing port of Grindavik signals the awakening of a long-dormant faultline under the country, posing a threat of ongoing lava eruptions with little warning. The recent eruption, the fifth in less than three years on the Reykjanes peninsula, follows centuries of surface inactivity. Volcanologist Patrick Allard warns that the plate separation episode could last years to decades. Despite the thin crust near the faultline, the eruptions are not expected to be enormous. The fragile faultline poses risks to the Svartsengi geothermal plant and has forced the closure of the Blue Lagoon, a popular tourist destination. Grindavik, built on lava flows from 800 years ago, faces uncertain safety, and little warning is anticipated before the next eruption, which could also involve an underwater explosion. While an Eyjafjallajokull-like ash cloud event is deemed unlikely, the situation warrants continued monitoring.

Source – CGTN

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