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Tech March 14, 2024

Europe’s world-first AI rules get final approval from lawmakers

European Union (EU) lawmakers have granted final approval to the EU’s groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) law, positioning the bloc as a global leader in AI regulation. The law, known as the Artificial Intelligence Act, is anticipated to become effective later this year, following five years of deliberation since its initial proposal.

The AI Act employs a risk-based approach, categorizing AI applications based on their potential risks. Low-risk AI systems, such as content recommendation algorithms, are subject to fewer regulations, while high-risk applications, like medical devices or critical infrastructure management, face stricter requirements such as using high-quality data and providing transparent information to users. Certain AI uses, deemed to pose unacceptable risks, are outright banned, including social scoring systems, certain predictive policing methods, and emotion recognition systems in educational and workplace settings.

Special attention is given to generative AI models, like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which have raised concerns due to their potential to produce lifelike deepfake content. Developers of such models are mandated to disclose the data used for training, comply with copyright laws, label AI-generated content, and implement cybersecurity measures. The largest and most powerful AI models are subject to additional scrutiny and risk assessment.

The EU’s regulatory framework is poised to influence global AI governance efforts. China has already introduced regulations addressing AI risks and ethics, while the United States is contemplating similar measures at the federal and state levels. Other countries and international organizations are also developing AI regulations.

Source – CGTN

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