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World News October 24, 2023

European cities see demonstrations in support of Palestine, Israel

Protests have erupted in various cities worldwide in response to the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. In Paris and London, thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators called for a ceasefire and relief for Gaza. Around 15,000 people gathered in Paris’s Place de la Republique, while in London, an estimated 100,000 participated in a pro-Palestinian march. Meanwhile, in Berlin, thousands gathered in a demonstration against antisemitism and in support of Israel. This protest coincides with a reported increase in antisemitic incidents in Germany following the escalation of the conflict in Gaza.

In October, London’s Metropolitan Police reported a 13-fold increase in reports of antisemitic offenses compared to the previous year. Additionally, there has been a more than twofold increase in reports of anti-Muslim crimes. The conflict has been ongoing for three weeks, resulting in over 5,087 Palestinian and 1,400 Israeli casualties, according to authorities from both sides.

Source – CGTN

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