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World News March 11, 2024

EU must prepare for ‘catastrophic’ climate change risks

A new EU analysis warns of potentially “catastrophic” consequences for Europe due to climate change unless urgent and decisive actions are taken. The European Environment Agency (EEA) highlights southern Europe as particularly vulnerable, facing risks such as fires, water shortages, and impacts on agriculture. Coastal areas are at risk of flooding, erosion, and saltwater intrusion. The report identifies 36 climate-related risks, with 21 requiring immediate action and eight deemed “particularly urgent.” Ecosystem risks, especially in coastal and marine environments, top the list. The EEA emphasizes the need for stronger policies and collective recognition of the risks to prompt faster and more comprehensive action. Despite acknowledging progress, the agency urges governments and populations to treat these climate-related events as the “new normal” and a crucial wake-up call.

Source – CGTN

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