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World News June 8, 2024

Dozens killed in Israeli attack on UN-run school in Gaza sheltering 6,000

On Thursday, Israel launched a targeted air strike on a UN school in Gaza, claiming it was aimed at up to 30 Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters. Israel’s military asserted that the strike was precise and based on solid intelligence, highlighting specific parts of the building where they believed the fighters were located. However, a Hamas official reported that 40 people, including women and children, were killed in the attack.

Hamas disputed Israel’s claim, calling it a fabricated justification for attacking displaced people. The UN Palestinian refugee agency (UNRWA) stated the school was sheltering 6,000 displaced individuals and condemned the use of UN facilities for military purposes as a violation of international humanitarian law.

The incident has drawn international attention, with the U.S. demanding transparency from Israel regarding the strike. Despite the attack, Washington stated that it did not breach the “red line” for a large-scale operation set by the U.S. for Israel. This conflict is part of ongoing hostilities between Israel and Hamas, which have persisted for nine months, resulting in a high number of Palestinian casualties. Efforts for a ceasefire, mediated by Qatar, Egypt, and the U.S., are ongoing, but no agreement has been reached yet.

Source – CGTN

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