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World News March 23, 2024

CMG launches AI channel and miniseries on digital platform Yangshipin

China Media Group (CMG) debuted an AI channel and two AI-generated miniseries, “Chinese Mythology” and “Reading Classics with AI,” at a ceremony attended by CMG President Shen Haixiong and officials from relevant ministries. CMG aims to lead audio-video industry advancements by integrating AI and innovation, as articulated by CMG editorial board member Jiang Wenbo. “Chinese Mythology,” a six-episode series, utilizes AI across its production process to bring classical Chinese mythological stories to life, fostering imaginative engagement while preserving cultural heritage. Similarly, “Reading Classics with AI” delves into the longevity of Chinese culture across various disciplines. Additionally, Yangshipin plans to create tourism-focused AI miniseries and host an AI-themed gala to showcase China’s advancements in AI applications.

Source – CGTN

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