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Infotainment November 29, 2023

CMG launches 2023 Basi Peace and Friendship Forum

The 2023 Panda Basi Peace and Friendship Forum, held in Dujiangyan City, China, brought together around 200 participants from various countries and organizations. The event aimed to share the legendary story of the giant panda Basi, the world’s oldest panda, and promote the ecological civilization concept. China Media Group (CMG) expressed its commitment to being the storyteller of Basi, emphasizing the importance of panda conservation and culture dissemination. International figures like Romano Prodi and Steve Orlins sent video messages, highlighting the symbolic significance of pandas in fostering global connections and promoting peace. The forum included the launch of the CMG Panda Basi Film Project and the release of the “Dujiangyan Basi Declaration” to further cultural exchanges and environmental protection.

Source – CGTN

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