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Infotainment February 8, 2024

CMG holds third rehearsal for 2024 Spring Festival Gala

China Media Group (CMG) successfully conducted the third rehearsal for the 2024 Spring Festival Gala on Sunday, emphasizing the celebration of traditional Chinese cultural elements. The gala aims to inspire confidence and extend warm New Year wishes to Chinese communities worldwide

During the rehearsal, the program team creatively presented a segment highlighting the diverse aspects of Chinese food culture. The traditional “Baduanjin” aerobics form was innovatively interpreted, wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous New Year to the audience.

The program is filled with heartfelt Spring Festival wishes, reflecting the joy of life and what people truly wish for.

This year, the Spring Festival Gala crew continues to extend invitations to thousands of hardworking individuals striving for a better life.

CMG launched the global viewing of the Spring Festival Gala in New York on January 26, with special events planned in Switzerland, Kenya, and other countries.

Through the Spring Festival Gala, a “cultural business card,” people worldwide can draw closer to China and gain insights into its culture, sharing the unique charm of Chinese Spring Festivals through laughter and music.

Additionally, the gala will be aired in Yangon, Myanmar, on YTV Channel and Channel 9, inviting everyone to tune in and enjoy the festivities.

2024 Chinese New Year (Dragon Year) Gala Show Promo link



Source – CGTN

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