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Infotainment February 16, 2024

Chinese movies lead global box office amid Spring Festival surge

Chinese films dominated the global box office during the Spring Festival holiday, securing the top four spots in Comscore’s rankings. Leading the charts is the motivational drama “YOLO,” directed by and starring Jia Ling, China’s highest-grossing female director. The film follows a woman finding strength through boxing training, and Jia Ling’s remarkable 50-kilogram weight loss for the role garnered social media attention. “Pegasus 2,” a sequel to Han Han’s 2019 rally driving comedy, claimed second place, while the popular children’s TV series adaptation “Boonie Bears: Time Twist” and Zhang Yimou’s legal drama “Article 20” secured the third and fourth positions, respectively. The success of these films contributed to China’s Spring Festival box office revenue exceeding 6 billion yuan ($834 million) as of the sixth day of the holiday. Notably, Andy Lau-starrer “The Movie Emperor” also made it to the top 10, marking the fifth Chinese production in the list.

Source – CGTN

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