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World News August 9, 2023

Chinese embassy in Philippines: China’s stance on issue of Ren’ai Jiao consistent, firm

A spokesperson from the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines reaffirmed China’s consistent and firm stance on Ren’ai Jiao, stating that it’s part of China’s Nansha Qundao. China aims to maintain peace in the South China Sea and has a shared understanding with the Philippines on managing maritime disputes. China provided humanitarian arrangements for necessary supplies to a grounded Philippine military vessel on Ren’ai Jiao. However, the Philippines took unilateral actions to reinforce the vessel, violating international law and agreements. China had warned against such actions and urged dialogue. The U.S. was criticized for supporting the Philippines and escalating tensions in the region. China rejects actions that provoke conflict and calls for respect of its sovereignty and regional stability.

Source: CGTN

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