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Tech January 30, 2024

China’s telescope makes breakthrough in measuring solar magnetic field

Chinese scientists have announced a breakthrough with the world’s first solar magnetic-field telescope operating in the mid-infrared wavelength, named Accurate Infrared Magnetic Field Measurements of the Sun (AIMS). Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and situated in Lenghu township in Qinghai Province, the AIMS telescope has achieved precise measurements of solar vector magnetic fields with an accuracy surpassing the 10 Gauss level. This achievement marks a significant advancement in the century-long history of solar magnetic field measurements by transitioning from indirect to direct measurements. The AIMS telescope, designed to observe the mid-infrared solar magnetic field, addresses challenges such as environmental background noise and detector performance degradation. Additionally, it is expected to explore new scientific possibilities in the mid-infrared band beyond its primary role in solar magnetic field measurement.

Source – CGTN

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