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Tech December 23, 2023

China’s new video game draft rules spark scrambling and debate

Chinese video game developers, including Papergames, are rushing to adjust their upcoming title, “Love and Deepspace,” to comply with newly released draft regulations. One rule targets daily login rewards, impacting games like “Love and Deepspace,” leading to significant overhauls. Major industry players, such as Tencent and NetEase, saw sharp declines in their stock prices, with concerns about policy risk affecting investor confidence. The regulations aim to address unhealthy reward mechanisms, limit in-game spending per player, and target “pay-to-win” models. While some welcome the rules, there are concerns about potential circumvention. The regulator is open to public feedback, leaving room for revisions before final implementation, while the gaming industry debates the impact and potential outcomes of the regulations.

Source – CGTN

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