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Infotainment February 7, 2024

China Delivers Entertainment to Myanmar Viewers with “The Story of Minglan”

Beginning February 9th, Myanmar audiences can now enjoy the 2018 Chinese TV series, “The Story of Minglan.” Set against the backdrop of the Northern Song dynasty, the narrative follows Sheng Minglan, an unprivileged daughter of an official. Subjected to mistreatment by her legal mother and bullying from her half-sisters, Minglan adeptly conceals her skills and true intentions. The show mixes history, politics, and family stuff, and it has famous Chinese actors like Zhou Liying, Feng Shaofeng, and Zhu Yilong.
This award-winning TV series promises a captivating journey through intricate plots, offering a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Chinese culture throughout history.
Known as “San Eain Win Gabar” in Myanmar, “The Story of Minglan” airs every Wednesday to Sunday at 6:45 PM exclusively on Sky Net International Drama Channel. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the twists and turns of this acclaimed series and immerse yourself in the wonders of Chinese history and culture.

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