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World News September 15, 2023

Canada PM dismisses talk of quitting, acknowledges public ‘grumbling’

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed concerns about his low polling numbers and dismissed the notion of resigning, emphasizing that he is committed to his responsibilities and has no plans to step down. Despite trailing behind the Conservatives in polls after nine years in power, Trudeau has a non-binding agreement with the left-of-center New Democrats to govern until October 2025, though this could change.


Trudeau acknowledged public discontent regarding the rising cost of living, which the Conservatives attribute to what they perceive as irresponsible government spending. They also criticize the increasing unaffordability of housing. Some Liberal legislators have anonymously expressed frustration with the lack of a clear plan to counter Conservative attacks on these issues.


Trudeau stated that he and his fellow legislators will engage in candid discussions on how to best address the challenges faced by the government as Parliament resumes its sessions.

Source – CGTN

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