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World News January 8, 2024

Boeing checks hit snag, investigators search for missing part

Safety checks on certain Boeing jets faced delays due to missing paperwork after a panel blew off a new Boeing 737 MAX 9 in midair. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) temporarily grounded 171 Boeing jets with the same panel. The planes will remain grounded until the FAA approves safety checks. The incident has heightened scrutiny on Boeing as it awaits certification for its MAX 7 and MAX 10 models. The required inspections were initially expected to take 4-8 hours, but criteria for checks have not been finalized between the FAA and Boeing. Airlines are yet to receive detailed instructions. Of the affected planes, 144 operate in the United States. Alaska Airlines canceled flights, and United Airlines parked its 79 MAX 9s. The incident raises concerns for Boeing, given its past troubles with the 737 MAX series. The missing panel, used in place of an emergency exit, tore off an Alaska Airlines jet, prompting an emergency landing. The cause of the incident is under investigation.

Source – CGTN

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