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Tech June 27, 2024

BMW receives approval for advanced autonomous driving

BMW has been approved to use a new advanced self-driving system in its cars. This system combines two technologies: the level 2 highway assistant and the level 3 personal pilot. The new BMW 7 Series, available first in Germany, will feature this system.

The level 2 system lets drivers take their hands off the wheel at speeds up to 130 km/h, but they still need to watch the road. The level 3 system allows drivers to focus on other tasks like making calls or watching videos at speeds up to 60 km/h, mainly in traffic jams.

BMW is following Mercedes-Benz, which already has level 3 self-driving cars in Germany and some parts of the US. Germany was the first country to create nationwide rules for self-driving cars in 2021. In April 2024, Germany and China agreed to work together on automated driving.

German Transport Minister Volker Wissing said that this technology could make travel safer and more efficient, and it is now at a key stage of development to be used on the roads.

Source: CGTN

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