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World News June 5, 2024

Biden signs executive order limiting unlawful border crossings

resident Joe Biden has signed an executive order to deny entry to asylum-seekers crossing the southern border illegally when the border is deemed overwhelmed. This measure, which activates if the seven-day average of illegal crossings exceeds 2,500 per day, will allow border officials to quickly repatriate migrants. The order could take effect immediately due to current crossing numbers being above the threshold.

Previously, illegal immigrants seeking asylum could enter the U.S. temporarily while awaiting a court appearance. The new policy will reopen the border to asylum seekers only after daily crossings fall to 1,500 or below for seven consecutive days. Unaccompanied children and human trafficking victims are exempt from these restrictions, though immigration advocates fear this may lead to more children traveling alone.

Seen as an election-year strategy to address voter concerns about immigration, the order follows extensive negotiations between Democrats and Republicans. Biden criticized former President Donald Trump for politicizing the immigration issue instead of resolving it, asserting that the new policy aims to address long-standing border management problems.

Source – CGTN

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