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World News March 13, 2024

Biden secures enough delegates to become 2024 Democratic presidential nominee

U.S. President Joe Biden has secured enough delegates to become the Democratic Party’s 2024 presidential nominee after winning the primary in Georgia, according to U.S. media projections. With this victory, Biden has surpassed the 1,968-delegate threshold out of a total of 3,934, solidifying his nomination to represent the Democratic Party in the November election. Biden is also projected to win the Democratic primary in Mississippi.

In response to the projections, Biden expressed gratitude for the broad coalition of voters who have placed their faith in him once again to lead the Democratic Party and the country, emphasizing the perceived threat posed by former President Donald Trump.

On the Republican side, Trump is projected to win the primaries in the southern states of Georgia and Mississippi, moving closer to becoming the party’s nominee and setting the stage for a potential rematch with Biden.

The political rivalry between Biden and Trump has intensified following the “Super Tuesday” primaries earlier in the month, where both candidates secured significant victories within their respective parties. The upcoming election is anticipated to be the most expensive in U.S. history, with candidates collectively spending $10 billion, marking a 13 percent increase from the previous record set during the 2019-2020 election cycle, according to a report from Adlmpact, a political data analysis company.

Source – CGTN

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