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World News February 14, 2024

Biden campaign team joins TikTok despite U.S. threats to ban it

White House spokesperson John Kirby stated that there are no changes in the national security perspective regarding the use of TikTok, following the launch of U.S. President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign on the platform. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) had earlier demanded TikTok’s Chinese owners to sell their shares, but no action has been taken. Despite national security concerns and the Biden administration’s order to remove TikTok from government devices, the reelection campaign has joined the platform to reach young voters. The campaign aims to engage with voters on various social media apps, emphasizing advanced safety precautions and maintaining a separate presence on TikTok during the ongoing security review. The video posted on TikTok poked fun at a conspiracy theory related to the Super Bowl, and the Biden campaign has gained over 57,000 followers on the platform.

Source – CGTN

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