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World News June 28, 2024

Biden and Trump go head-to-head in battle for the undecideds

The first high-stakes clash of the 2024 U.S. presidential election campaign between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is set for Thursday. The 90-minute debate will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, with no studio audience and each candidate’s microphone muted while the other is speaking. This debate, organized by CNN and moderated by Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, will follow new rules, with both candidates only having a pen, notepad, and bottle of water.

Historically, TV debates have influenced voter decisions, with Pew Research showing that a significant number of voters find them useful. Despite this, the impact of debates can vary. This year’s debate is unique in its early scheduling before official nominations and the strict rules agreed upon, seemingly benefiting Biden.

With many voters already decided, the debate aims to target the approximately 20% of undecided voters. Current polling shows a tight race, with Biden favored to win in 506 out of 1,000 simulations and Trump in 491. Battleground states remain critical, with Trump leading in most of them.

Independent candidates like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West did not qualify for the debate, but they could still influence the election outcome in key states. The debate will be a platform for both candidates to address major issues such as inflation, immigration, public safety, abortion rights, and foreign policy. Trump is expected to criticize Biden on immigration and inflation, while Biden will focus on abortion rights and the democratic process. Trump’s legal issues may also come up, given his recent conviction.

Source – CGTN

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