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World News December 15, 2023

Australian climate scientists call for soil carbon storage through land management

Australian climate scientists are advocating for the incorporation of soil carbon sequestration in the urgent fight against climate change. Samantha Grover, a soil scientist at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, emphasizes the changing attitudes toward climate change over the past two decades as sea levels rise and extreme weather events become more frequent. Traditional strategies such as capturing carbon emissions or planting new forests are deemed expensive and resource-intensive on a large scale. Grover suggests that soil sequestration, achieved through improved land management and agricultural practices, is a more cost-effective and natural method to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Currently, soils already absorb about 25% of the world’s fossil fuel emissions annually. Despite the urgency of addressing climate change, the international community has been slow to take meaningful action. While the situation is frustrating for climate scientists, Grover remains optimistic, citing the efforts of civilian organizations and agricultural practitioners implementing soil improvement methods as a source of hope.

Source – CGTN

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