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World News June 14, 2024

AI chatbot popularity surges among U.S. students, teachers, survey shows

A new survey by Impact Research for the Walton Family Foundation has revealed a significant increase in the use and familiarity of AI chatbots in education among students and teachers in the U.S. The survey, conducted from May 7 to 15, shows that familiarity with OpenAI’s ChatGPT among teachers rose from 55% to 79% and among K-12 students from 37% to 75% compared to last year. Approximately 75% of students, teachers, and parents have used AI chatbots either personally, at school, or at work, with about half using them weekly or more frequently.

The majority of respondents believe AI has a positive impact on education and will be crucial for future student success. Over 80% of each group surveyed think technology has positively impacted education, though there are concerns about AI advancing too quickly and potentially costing jobs. Despite the widespread use of AI, most K-12 teachers, parents, and students report that their schools lack policies on AI, are not providing necessary teacher training, and are not addressing the demand for AI-related career preparation.

Source – CGTN


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