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Infotainment December 15, 2023

2023 China Internet Literature Forum Unveils Global Outreach Initiative

The “2023 China Internet Literature Forum” convened by the Chinese Writers Association in Shijiazhuang showcased a groundbreaking initiative— the “Internet Literature International Communication Project.” Held from December 14th to 16th, the forum emphasized the implementation of Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts and the high-quality development of online literature. The project involves the global promotion of four selected works, including “The Fighting Swordsman in the Snow,” “The Legend of Miyue,” “The King of All Appearances,” and “Bad Boy,” across English, Myanmar, Persian, and Swahili. Utilizing online reading, radio drama, short video, and promotional films, the project aims to elevate the international profile of Chinese online literature. Hu Bangsheng, Secretary of the Secretariat of the Chinese Writers Association, stressed the need to view internet literature as a new cultural force in the modernization of China, pledging the association’s support for creativity, IP transformation, international dissemination, theoretical commentary, and team building. The forum featured speeches and dialogues by nearly 30 industry figures, contributing to the overall development and global recognition of Chinese internet literature. Additionally, related events such as the Hebei Province Internet Writers Symposium and activities like online writers entering campuses further enriched the forum’s scope and impact.

Source – Chinese Writers Association

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