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World News March 29, 2024

2 more people die after taking Kobayashi Pharma supplement

Four individuals have died after consuming a dietary supplement produced by Japanese pharmaceutical company Kobayashi Pharma. The supplement, called “beni-koji choleste help,” is marketed for lowering cholesterol levels. Two recent deaths were confirmed by Kobayashi Pharma after families reported their use of the product. One individual showed signs of kidney disease before death, while another had been using the supplement since 2021.

This incident has resulted in 93 hospitalizations and over 12,000 inquiries to Kobayashi Pharma’s helpline regarding health concerns. It marks the first public acknowledgment by a manufacturer linking a functional food product to deaths since the introduction of the system in 2015. The company’s response has drawn criticism from shareholders and the public, with concerns about transparency and swift action.

The cause of illness is under investigation, with suspicions of mold-derived ingredients in the beni-koji produced at Kobayashi Pharma’s Osaka factory. This has raised concerns about the safety of such products among Japanese consumers, prompting demands for faster information release and action.

Source – CGTN

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