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Tech April 7, 2023

Vietnam to conduct ‘comprehensive inspection’ of TikTok over harmful content

The Vietnamese government has announced that it will investigate the operations of popular video-sharing app TikTok in the country starting from May. The probe aims to ensure that the platform complies with regulations on content management, tax payments, and commercial policies.

According to Le Quang Tu Do, a representative of the Ministry, TikTok has allowed “toxic, offensive, false, and superstitious” content on its platform. The company stated that it was informed by the Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information in February about the government delegation’s visit in the second quarter of the year.

The platform has nearly 50 million users in Vietnam aged 18 and above, and it removed 1.7 million videos in Q4 2022 following the Vietnamese government’s request. TikTok Vietnam has also announced that it will upgrade its guidelines from April 24 to be more transparent about its rules and their enforcement.

Sources: CGTN

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