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World News May 4, 2023

Television writers go on strike in the United States

On Tuesday, May 2, numerous Hollywood writers responsible for some of the most popular TV shows and talk shows initiated a strike following unsuccessful negotiations between union leaders and major studios on Monday. The disruption to television production is anticipated to be immense, with late-night talk shows predicted to be the first to halt production and start broadcasting reruns.

The Writers Guild of America (WGA), representing 11,500 writers, has thrown its weight behind the first work stoppage in 15 years, with picketing expected at various production locations across the United States this week. The striking writers are demanding that major studios such as Disney and Netflix, which stream content to millions of viewers, pay their writers more in the face of changing times.

Apart from better compensation, the striking writers are also seeking safeguards to ensure that they will not be required to rewrite draft scripts created by Artificial Intelligence apps in the future. According to the WGA, which asserts that nearly half of writers working on TV shows earn minimum wage, such measures are necessary.
The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which represents studios, stated that it had proposed “generous increases in compensation” and was willing to raise its offer.

Sources: CGTN

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