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World News June 17, 2024

Netanyahu denounces tactical pauses in Gaza fighting to get in aid

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the military’s plan to implement daily 11-hour tactical pauses in the fighting along a main road into Gaza for aid delivery. Netanyahu expressed his disapproval to his military secretary, and National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir also condemned the idea, calling for the dismissal of those who proposed it. This disagreement highlights ongoing political tensions over the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Meanwhile, conflict across the Israel-Lebanon border with Hezbollah has escalated, with recent heavy exchanges of fire and Israeli airstrikes in southern Lebanon. Casualties include a woman killed and six others injured from Israeli airstrikes on Lebanese villages. The Israeli military insists it will continue necessary actions to ensure border security. Additionally, Netanyahu’s government has extended support for residents evacuated from southern Israeli border towns until August 15, indicating the conflict in Gaza may persist.

Source – CGTN

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