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World News April 19, 2023

Macron advocates for Europe’s strategic autonomy

French President Emmanuel Macron has called for Europe to prioritize its strategic autonomy amidst rising tensions between the United States and China, particularly over Taiwan. During an interview on his plane returning from a state visit to China, Macron urged Europe to reduce its reliance on the U.S. and avoid being pulled into a confrontation between the two superpowers. Macron also questioned whether it was in Europe’s interest to accelerate a crisis on Taiwan, warning against Europeans taking their cue from the U.S. and risking a Chinese overreaction. He emphasized that being an ally does not mean being a vassal and that Europe has the right to think for itself. Speaking at a press conference in Amsterdam, which marked the conclusion of his state visit to the Netherlands, Macron pointed out that Europe cannot resolve the crisis in Ukraine and therefore lacks credibility in warning China over Taiwan. He cautioned that increasing tensions is not the way forward.

Sources: CGTN

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