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World News April 18, 2023

Kenya sends first observation satellite into space

Kenya successfully launched its first satellite, named “Taifa 1” into space after three previous failed attempts due to bad weather. Developed by nine Kenyan engineers and launched aboard SpaceX’s falcon-9 rocket from the United States, Taifa 1 is an observation satellite that will capture and relay images to aid in response to climate crises, monitor forestry and urbanization, collect agricultural data, and aid in disaster management and food security efforts. The satellite was assembled with the help of a Bulgarian aerospace company at a cost of 50 million Kenyan shillings ($372,000) over two years. The successful launch of Taifa 1 is seen as a historic milestone for Kenya and is expected to invigorate the push for space exploration in Africa, where several countries have been manufacturing satellites in recent years.

Sources: CGTN

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