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World News April 20, 2023

Japan’s real purpose at the G7 foreign ministers’ meeting

The G7 foreign ministers’ meeting was held in Nagano, Japan from April 16 to 18, focusing on topics such as the Indo-Pacific, the Ukraine crisis, and nuclear disarmament. Japan, as the host country, aimed to enhance its international status and cater to the strategic needs of the United States. They also sought to warm up for the G7 summit and increase approval ratings for Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. However, the influence of the G7 has declined, and internal differences have become increasingly obvious, with divergence in Europe’s China policy and the leakage of confidential documents from the U.S. military. Additionally, Japan’s recent actions have increased bilateral tensions with China, which is not conducive to the healthy development of Sino-Japanese relations. The international community must work together to solve the issues of the times and create a better future together.

Sources: CGTN

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