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World News March 14, 2023

Japanese people protest against plan for radioactive water discharge

The Japanese government and Tokyo Electric Power are facing an angry backlash from the public for their radioactive wastewater discharge plan, as people in Tokyo held a large-scale protest on Saturday. According to the plan that was announced in January, it would release radioactive wastewater from the wrecked nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean in spring or summer this year.

The Fukushima disaster, caused by an earthquake and tsunami in 2011, forced over 160,000 people to evacuate the region, and some are still unable to return home. Protesters believe that the release of nuclear-contaminated water into the sea will have devastating consequences, including the spread of radioactive substances and the contamination of fish and aquatic products. They also argue that there are alternative storage methods that should be used instead.

Sources: CGTN

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