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Tech March 31, 2023

Experts call to pause training AI models more powerful than GPT-4

Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts and important people in technology have asked for a stop to training AI systems to become more powerful than the current GPT-4 model for at least six months. They wrote a letter and over 1,000 people signed it. The Future of Life Institute, a non-profit organization, released the letter and said that developing very powerful AI systems should only happen when we are sure they won’t be harmful to society or people.

The letter also talked about the possible risks to society and the world from AI systems that can compete with humans. They said that developers need to work with government officials to make rules for these systems.

The letter was signed by many important people like Elon Musk, Emad Mostaque, who is the CEO of Stability AI, and researchers at DeepMind, a company owned by Alphabet. Yoshua Bengio and Stuart Russell, who are very important in the field of AI, also signed it. The release of the ChatGPT by OpenAI last year made other companies try to make similar language models and use AI in their products.

Sources: CGTN

Photo Credit: Metaverse Post

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