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World News March 13, 2023

China’s peace efforts widely hailed as world welcomes Saudi-Iran deal

The announcement to restore diplomatic relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, made on Friday in a joint statement with China, has been widely welcomed around the globe as a victory for peace and dialogue.

Analysts and media praised China for its role as a peace broker and efforts to facilitate dialogue.

The United Nations applauded the Saudi-Iranian agreement to re-establish diplomatic relations and praised China’s role in the process.

China’s diplomatic success in brokering an agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran to resume diplomatic relations has been welcomed by various countries and parties in the Middle East, including the UAE, Jordan, and Iraq. The move is seen as a significant accomplishment for China and outshines anything the US has achieved in the region since President Biden took office. Tehran and Riyadh have expressed hopes of opening a new chapter in their ties and have appreciated China’s role in facilitating the agreement.

Sources: CGTN

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