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Tech April 4, 2023

China’s new energy vehicle industry accelerates green transformation

China is accelerating the integration of new energy vehicles (NEVs) with energy transformation. The State Grid Corporation of China is increasing the proportion of new energy and green electricity consumption through “green power trading” to accelerate the green transformation with China’s NEVs. China has carried out green power trading in 14 provinces, accumulating 5.2 billion kilowatt-hours of traded electricity and reducing carbon emissions by about 5 million tonnes, NEVs can level out peaks in electricity and shift load away to regulate the power grid’s frequency and safety. China sold out about 6.89 million NEVs in 2022 and had built 111,000 charging stations and 5,59 million charging piles by the end of February 2023. China has integrated connected vehicles with smart cities by carrying out pilot programs in 16 cities since 2021. The country has built 240,000 5G base stations and deployed 1,700 autonomous vehicles with a total test network spanning 27.3 million kilometers.

Sources : CGTN

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