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Tech February 25, 2023

China develops self-powered e-skin to monitor subtle human activities

A team of Chinese researchers has recently developed a new type of self-powered flexible and transparent electronic skin (e-skin) that can monitor subtle human activities, shedding light on the future of wearable technology.

Professor at the School of Physical Science and Technology of Lanzhou University and leader of the research team, Lan Wei, said that this new e-skin has great application prospects in smart health care, human-machine interaction, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, among other fields.

Lan said, it integrates a flexible transparent supercapacitor as an energy storage device with a stretchable transparent strain sensor, adding that “thanks to its mechanical softness, the integrated e-skin can be directly attached to various locations on the body for the monitoring of human activities.”

As the largest organ of the human body, the skin is responsible for multiple major functions such as protection, respiration, perspiration, thermo regulation, and sensory stimulation. It forms the basis of people’s physical interactions with the outside world.

Sources: CGTN

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