Square Art Project Volume 3

23 August 2019

Through different periods of time, painting is the charismatic art that can influence the heart of many people. Painting styles have been variously developed in expressing the feelings of the artists. 

Because of increased interest on paintings, the art exhibitions are also conducted to display diverse paintings.

Among many activities happening in Yangon, concerning painting displays, the square art project was founded in April of 2019, which gathers the artists with different painting styles.

The project has launched 12 exhibitions of both individual and group, starting from April. The last exhibition till now was the volume 3 group art exhibition held at Lawkanat Art Gallery, Pansodan, until 22nd of August.

“This volume 3 art exhibition is the display of 6'x6' frame size paintings. 9 artists participated for this exhibition. Most of the paintings are abstracts, which we want our project to focus on.”, said Artist Ma Myo Lay.

The paintings displayed at the volume 3 exhibition is sold for 1, 000 USD apiece. It is informed that during the four-day exhibition, none of the paintings are sold out. However, in the previous exhibitions, the selling rate was good.

“In the month-long group and solo exhibitions held at 43 Gallery, total 60 paintings of 2'x2' frame size were sold out. In Botahtaung Gallery, 10 paintings were sold out from a total of four exhibitions.”, said Ma Myo Lay.

This is the first time of displaying big paintings for square art project. For the wide-frame paintings, the artists have more space to draw as well as it needs more effort. Artist U San Tun (Orge), said, “In some houses, there is difficulty to have an enough space for the big paintings. So, these big paintings are mostly bought for some spacious buildings with wide space such as for hotel decoration. For personal preference, people usually buy small-size paintings.”

The square art project was founded with the purpose of giving more opportunities to the artists to produce more paintings. For 2019, the volume 3 will be the last exhibition.

“We don’t have any exhibition left for 2019 in Yangon. In the coming year 2020, we are planning to hold a grand exhibition in Mandalay at the beginning of the year. This is aimed to be the solo exhibitions of the artists at one place. In May of 2020, there will also be an exhibition in Yangon.”, said U San Tun.

The members of the square art project are working towards to introduce the contemporary art to the public of not only residents of big cities but also those from rural areas.

“When you look at the contemporary art such as abstract, don’t think about its meaning. You can just feel it with heart.”, said U San Tun.

Thaw Tar Swe Zin