People’s Republic of China donates health related kits to Myanmar

27 March 2020

The Chinese government is once again showing its strong will to help Myanmar in time of struggle while fighting against COVID-19 in Myanmar. As the situation is getting back to normal in China, the Chinese government is now more focusing on helping other countries which are still struggling to combat the outbreak of the virus. Therefore the Chinese government sent some aid related to health facilities while fighting COVID-19 in Myanmar. As Myanmar has already confirmed a total of 5 persons infected with the virus till 26 March, the Chinese government sent health related aid to Myanmar. The aid arrived on 26 March at night at Yangon International Airport where the aid was handed over to the government of Myanmar by H.E Mr. Chen Hai, the Chinese ambassador to Myanmar.

Speaking to the media, H.E Mr. Chen Hai said, “This health related kits are the donation of Chinese government to the government of Myanmar, including PPE 5,000, more than two hundred thousand pieces of masks along with the donation of more than coronavirus testing tool in the last month. But for the donation of today, it is much more in number. I believe all this equipment will help Myanmar in fighting against COVID-19”.

According to the ambassador, it is not just the materialistic help, but the government of China is also willing to send medic team to combat COVID-19 in Myanmar. The government of China is also ready to work with Myanmar in different areas in fighting against COVID-19 in the future as well. According to the report by H.E Mr. Chen Hai, in the coming weeks, the aid donated by Chinese companies are also set to arrive in Myanmar as well by the companies such as Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation where the companies will donate thousands of masks and other COVID-19 testing kits. Many of Myanmar based Chinese companies are also actively collaborating in the donation program.

H.E Mr. Chen Hai also said, “We have seen that the government of Myanmar is very much careful in being able to gain control of covid-19 following many effective policies in preventing it from spreading further. When the outbreak of virus was very severely in China, both the government of Myanmar and other non-governmental organizations were active in helping China, therefore as Myanmar already confirmed the case of COVID-19, the government of China is doing the best to help the nations with this COVID-19 crisis. Helping one another is also the essence of true friendship between Myanmar and China.”

U Zaw Than Htun, Director General for Department of Medical Research under the Ministry of Health and Sport said, “As we all know this is the sensitive and most important time for all of us after WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic. We need enough medical equipment in diagnosis, treatment, safety kits for the medic team who are working closely with virus infected patients. As the virus spread rapidly, the demand for these safety kits is very high worldwide; the present factories are not able to produce the demand of the market for the whole world. Therefore we are extremely happy to receive safety kits from the government of China for sending required safety kits for the health workers in Myanmar when we are in time of need.”

The number of PPE arrived at Yangon International Airport for donation was 5,000, N95 mask 5,000 and more than 200,000 of one time use masks.