Myanmar International Series 2019

11 September 2019

Myanmar International Series 2019 is being held from 10th to 15th September at Myanmar Badminton Federation Building, Yangon. It is jointly organized by Ministry of Health and Sports of Myanmar, World Badminton Federation, Badminton Asia, and Myanmar Badminton Federation.

139 players from 12 countries are to join the competition including 13 Myanmar players. U Nyan Win, Secretary of Myanmar Badminton Federation, said, “This is the third international tournament to join for our federation and the first to host. The main draws are from 10th to 12th, the quarter finals are on 13th, the semifinals on 14th and the final on 15th.There are five types of marches: men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles.”

He continued, “Our players have been being trained non-stop for this tournament because it is also an opportunity to test the quality of our players, who are going to join The SEA Games very soon. We have hopes in our players. Especially in single matches, we have players who have potential to achieve the medal. In this series, there are 6 senior and 7 junior players out of total 13 players. This is the great chance for the junior players to get experience and we see that they can also play hard.”

One of the players, Mg Min Htet Kaung also mentioned, “I have been trained at Myanmar Badminton Federation for 2 months before joining this International Series. This is my first time of joining the international tournament in adult level. Previously, I only joined the Asian tournaments for under-19. It is totally different for adult level march such as in speed, so I could learn a lot. This is my first step to join other international tournaments.”

To be able to rank higher in worldwide, it is important to join the international level tournaments as much as possible. The continuous training and learning should be done for the players to improve more.  

“After this tournament, I am to continue my training at Myanmar Badminton Federation with my coaches. I will review my requirements to get improvement. Myanmar Badminton Federation is supporting the players in providing the good courts, and giving aid to go abroad to join the international competitions.”, said Mg Min Htet Kaung.

Badminton is getting improved in Myanmar. Myanmar players are trying hard to get higher achievements in international competition. Famous player Thet Htar Thuzar is also winning the prizes in international tournaments, which is the great inspiration for the present players and the next generation. There are also some male players who can join the European tournaments.

Although it is the valuable chance to host an international tournament in Myanmar, there is the burden of the cost as well.  U Nyan Win mentioned, “The prize of the tournament is set to be 10, 000 USD but Badminton Asia funded 8, 000 USD so Myanmar Badminton Federation is to provide the rest 2, 000 USD. The Ministry of Health and Sports provides part of the expense and the main cost is on our federation. As Myanmar Badminton Federation, we want to host more international tournament but we have responsibility as well as the cost is quite high. With the available budget from the government, we will try to find for sponsorship to host another tournament.”

Within the limited budget, Myanmar Badminton Federation is striving to support the players as much as possible. The cheering up of the audience is also providing the mental support to the players.

Thaw Tar Swe Zin