Myanmar International Furniture Expo 2020 in Yangon

14 February 2020

Myanmar Rattan and Bamboo Entrepreneurs Association and Wood-based Furniture Association organized Myanmar International Furniture Expo 2020. At the expo held at Tatmadaw Hall in Yangon, about 50 enterprises displayed the different kinds of furniture at over 150 booths.  

U Nay Tun Min, Chairman of Myanmar Rattan and Bamboo Entrepreneurs Association explained the purpose of the expo, “Previously, rattan and bamboo productions depended on the natural forests for the raw materials. But, we want to raise awareness for our members of the association to plant the rattan and bamboo more instead of using raw materials from the natural forests. We also aim at producing high quality products by utilizing the advanced technology. By organizing the expos, we can seek for the expansion of the market to provide more employment.”

In the expo, modern furniture, wood-based furniture, and furniture made of bamboo, rattan, water hyacinth were displayed. They are both handmade and industry-made for household, office, interior and outdoor decorations. 

“Wood-based Furniture Association represents the furniture enterprises. So, in this expo, we want to help them display their products for the marketing. The wood-based furniture are available for both indoor and garden decoration. The furniture are made of different types of wood such as teak, Padauk or hardwood. In the local market, some of the people prefer the wood-based furniture but the price is quite high. However, it is not easy to reduce the price, so, we have to produce the high quality products with better designs in order to expand the market.”, said U Nyan Win, Vice Chairman of Wood-based Furniture Association.

The raw materials are put up for auction by Myanma Timber Enterprise. It also sells to the timber-related small and medium enterprises.

The products made of rattan and bamboo are also demanded by the consumers. It becomes one of the popular decoration ideas. 

One of the exhibitors, U Aung Min from TRS Trading Co., Ltd., said, “We mainly produce the furniture made of rattan and water hyacinth. The productions of rattan, bamboo and water hyacinth are to help in reduction of deforestation. Nowadays, the handmade furniture is also gaining popularity. In some restaurants, or hotels, they use the rattan or bamboo furniture for decoration. This is the market with much potential both locally and internationally. So, we have to produce the high quality products with creative designs.”

Daw Win Ni Htwe, Joint-Secretary of Myanmar Bamboo Lover Network, said, “Back then, only baskets or sieves were produced from bamboo. But now, many commodities such as furniture, bags, lamps or many other things are made of bamboo. Bamboo products can be damaged easily after using so they are also used as replacement for plastic. Not only our local people, but also foreigners like to try using bamboo products. “

Myanmar Rattan and Bamboo Entrepreneurs Association also hopes for international market expansion. According to the chairman, they are also to join an exhibition in Germany.

“Our member enterprises also export the rattan and bamboo furniture to the international market but our export rate is quite low compared to the other countries. The annual export value is about $ 2 or 3 million. For the association, we are striving to expand the international market. To do so, we should not depend on the natural forests but have to plant by ourselves to get the required raw materials.”, said U Nay Tun Min.

The expo took place at Tatmadaw Hall from 13th to 16th February. The visiting consumers can discover different kinds of furniture at one place and they can enjoy discounts as well.

Thaw Tar Swe Zin