International community provides help to China in fighting the COVID-19

20 February 2020

While China is fighting against the deadly epidemic of corona virus outbreak, international community shows their support.

The support comes in the form of medical supplies and the items used in combating the virus.

China has accepted help from the US and other countries to put the virus under control as the death toll has been spiraling.

China has agreed to let the World Health Organization form an international team of experts that will travel to the mainland to study the virus and seek solutions.

Recently the WHO team arrived to China and instigated their effort to seek the solution.

For more on the help from international community, MIRadio reached out to Mr. Xu Qinduo, senior journalist of China Media Group.

"As for the assistance from international community, there are medical supplies and equipment for example, surgical masks, gloves, protective clothing and so on. Also, there are financial pledges to help with the research to know more about the virus. Also national leaders also express their support to come and help." 

China's latest official figures released on Tuesday put the overall death toll at 1,868 and 72,436 infections.

Pointing out the risk for medical staff, the paper says that a total of 3,019 health workers have been infected, 1,716 of which were confirmed cases and five had died by 11 February, which was the last day of data included in the research.

China's response to the virus has seen the lockdown of Wuhan - the largest city in Hubei - and the rest of the province as well as severe travel restrictions on movements across the country.

Authorities in China are tightening curbs on movement to combat the outbreak. People in the province of 60 million have been ordered to stay indoors, though they will be allowed to leave in an emergency.

Measures include enforcing the travel restriction on essential road and the public places.

China Radio International Reporter Ms. Huang Yue explained more on the measures Chinese banks take to disinfect the banknotes.

Data shows that more than 12,000 people have recovered.

Arker Kyaw
Photo Credit - CGTN